can you feel it… Life’s a foot!


There’s some pretty groovy energy about… new life springing, wherever you look.  Life is calling you… begin, begin… a new world has birthed.

And it’s not just bursting forth all around me… but deep inside me as well.  Life is a wonderous adventure, it certainly is.  And I’m so excited at this brand new chapter unfolding… in all it’s magnificence.  Life is so kind, so caring, so protective… so nurturing.  Life really loves me.

Tomorrow is Mahalia’s birthday… t’was the 1st day of October 2010, at exactly 3.36pm… when I drove through the front gates.  A new chapter had begun… and I had no idea of how it was going to unfold.  Oh yes, I had my plans, my vision, my focus… my determination.  What lay in wait for me though, I could never have dreamt.

I was called here, obviously… I’d received the vision many years before, I even drew it… I kept it stored safely until it was ready to manifest.  Everything begins its life in the unmanifest.. in fields of energy.  First there’s the thought which over time takes a shape, still invisible to the physical eyes.  It begins growing in the energy field… until it’s ready to burst forth in the physical.  Then presto, it’s here… in our physical world.

In the early days of even contemplating purchasing this property (it was a lengthy process) I ‘saw’ lots of things.  The house was perfect for what I had in mind… massive big space for workshops and gatherings… I had plans for a Healing Retreat.  There was a point in time where my focus shifted, the energy of the negotiations was not feeling good to me.  So ‘out of the blue’ I stood in a different place, my focus on the land and the ‘caretakers’ there… I asked the Land Spirits if I could be the next caretaker… the energy then felt much better.

It was like a birthing itself… approaching this place, much changed inside myself.  There were a couple of times, when sitting quietly focusing on the property… I had a similar vision.  It was clear, very visual… they were ancient rituals from our native Australians… some how I wasn’t surprised.  Yet still had no idea what was in store for me.

Of course I did a star chart for the time I came through the gates… astrology has walked with me most of my life, most likely my Gypsy heritage.  There on the ascendant sat Lilith.  Now understanding how energy will take form, ie predicting an outcome, I’ve found is almost impossible.  I knew it was significant… and that Lilith played a major part in the journey here… but how it would, I’d have to wait and see.

Lilith is the voice of the Ancient Feminine… the first woman, before Eve.  She was ousted ’cause she refused to ‘lie under’ Adam… she demanded to be treated as an equal… it didn’t go down well.  Well, these are ‘stories’ created during the patriarchy.  It is said, that if you listen carefully you can hear her rage… she’s been very prominent for a while now in our astrological skies. There’s no silencing her… but once her rage is acknowledged… it morphs into a powerful new life form… a life imbued with the Sacred Feminine.

This last chapter here at Mahalia, is and will be significant… I can see it.  Looking back over these last three years, I know I’ll never, ever forget what’s been given to me… it both saved and totally changed my life.  I’m a new person now… been blessed with so much, my gratitude really does overflow.  This place, that I called Mahalia, will never leave me, I’ll carry her within me always… she’s now a part of me.  As I am of her.  Yes magick does exist… I always knew it did… why, my business was called Magick Moments.  Every single one of those moments contain the magick of life… of loving,.. of care… of giving, of receiving… of blessings unimaginable… we are simply blessed… over and over and over again.


lotsa luv



A time of great importance…


‘sheltering from the storm’… by me


I was feeling the approaching ‘storm’… as I completed the painting for our local WAG  exhibition ‘Spring into WAG’.  But the ‘silver lining’ presented not long after, thankfully. I was reminded of my special gift, the one given to us all… my ability to appreciate, to appreciate my Life.  And I made myself a promise… to celebrate my Blessings, every single moment… until I have to leave.  Self promises can’t be ignored.

September came in with a charge of energy… Springtime on steroids, a rush of new events and experiences.  A lot has happened in these last few weeks.  I knew a chapter was ending… and a new one beginning, but this month has brought significant welcomed clarity… and some challenges.

Darkness and light… yes, we appear to be living in significant times… both collectively and personally. A powerful stimulus for evolutionary advancement, ever present in our day to day lives.

It’s so.o.o.o.o important, more than ever before…  where I place my focus.  As the power of focus has multiplied considerably.  So important to visualize the world, the body, the Life we want for ouselves.

Five months after coming thru the gates of Mahalia for the first time… this magickal, sacred land that has nurtured me… the 2nd big ‘crash’ occurred.  I really wasn’t expecting this one.  But again the warnings were there.  It’s been an enlightening few years in so many ways.  So much I’ve ‘seen’, so much I’ve learned.  So much magick, so much loving, so much care… so much healing. I’ve experienced and understood ‘things’ about our precious Mother Nature… that I never knew before.  The education has been extraordinary… no where could I have learnt… what was shown to me here.  Life is Magick indeed!  And oh so kind… and ever giving.

Yes, there were challenging times, of course, we depend on our Body for so much.  But in contrast to what was given, they appear less in my memory.  It’s the learning that was important, and still is.  I was given the steering wheel of this vehicle of mine… I make the choices, I choose the direction.  Yes, there’s been affects, that’s the nature of the physical… but the growth and the depth of healing, I’ll never really comprehend.  I know it happened and it’s with me now, in my present… and will guide me to my future.  I’m incredibly grateful for all the love and kindness that’s been showered upon me… and continues.

My Body still gets tired, there are things that are not so easy to do and some I cannot anymore.  After draining the cup twice…  the reservoir of Chi… the Body is affected.  Permanent or temporary I don’t know.  I know my focus is so terribly important now.  As one chapter ends and another is taking shape… I sit at a junction, a very important one.  This could be the biggest chapter of my Life.  So critical how I take the next steps.  So much has changed, I stand here in a new form… at a new time, with a new future.  My focus is different… the steps needed, to be taken so carefully…. a lot is at stake.  This crossing needs to be made with the greatest of awareness… and conscious intent.

Boundaries, Safety, Emotions, Body… and my dear friend Polio… come to me at this time.  No more time for mistakes, not serious ones anyway.  Significant times require me to be fully present, Life is the priority… clarity my friend.  It’s an important chapter… a new beginning in so many ways.

Been travelling back thru the journals… around the time of the 2nd big ‘crash’… I wrote

Stop for a second

can you feel it

the Love

it’s overwhelming

Exquisite touch

of such magnificence

loving me

every second

Stop, look and listen

 space around you is full

 so many helpers

supporting your healing journey

You are magnificent

can’t you hear their song

where along this dusty road

did you lose your sight?

 You’ve become lost

your original purpose forgotten

 you believed their lies

thieves, they’ve been many

Dear sweet soul

your journey has scarred you

but not taken away

who you are

Wipe the sleep from your eyes

rise from your sitting

show the world

your beautiful Heart

We’ve been here all along

encouraging you ever forward

 allowing the weight of the darkness

you’ve suffocated your ‘knowing’

Yes Life here is a paradox

yes, there’s darkness and Light

yes, there’s always a choice

yes, we always need some help

So ask, ask & ask some more

you’ve never stood alone

we’ve always been so close to you

we’ll never ever leave you

You’re so important to us.

We’re approaching the Spring Equinox (here in the South)…  birthing time … new life… new beinginnings.  Time for new growth.

lotsa luv




creating new patterns…


                   ‘Creating new patterns’ by me

‘Continuing’ from the last blog… drew me back to 1998, the 1st big ‘crash’.  It was around that time I began ‘seeing’ Mahalia, those gates I came thru at 3.36pm on the 1st October 2010.  We all have vision, we just need to pay attention.

The first crash took me by surprise, or did it?  There were obviously numerous messages that I chose to ignore.  That morning I remember well,  I couldn’t get off the bed, the tears starting flowing… I understood fully what was happening, I’d pushed myself too far.  I was upset, very upset that I’d allowed this to happen.  I’d been given enough warnings.

That first day as I lay there, my body almost paralysed… sobbing uncontrollably, I heard a voice.  It wasn’t mine, I remember it clearly… it was a male voice and it said to me, with such love and kindness… “I’ll give you a second chance”.  I cried even more, I replied ‘I promise I won’t do this to myself again’.

The medico’s said it was a Nervous Breakdown, the Chronic Fatique Doctor labelled it Chronic Fatigue.  I knew it was connected to my early Polio… and of course, that I’d continually ignored the boundaries of my safety.  I took years to recover, the first few months I couldn’t even talk.  Dealing with daily responsibilities was beyond me, I couldn’t communicate on the phone.  I lived alone, so somethings were left hanging.  Not purposefully… I just didn’t have the reserves to function normally.  Two years later this resulted in me having to sell my house.  So much had been lost… but I gathered my strength to begin again.

I did begin again and with even more vigor and purpose.  I focused on my material world and built it higher and higher.  But I had a challenging habit of forgetting my boundaries.  My desire to create, to build, to grow, to create beautiful, sacred places was a gift I had.  But it came with strict rules… ones I often conveniently pushed  aside.  The needs of the Body must always remain a priority…. Polio gifted me with that.  The learning has taken the time that it has.

Looking back thru my journals I came across this…  written a month before that 1st big crash.  Yes, learning takes the time it does.

Environment is rich

Nature’s fertility

green rolling hills

crops being harvested

Plenty of water

in the dam

trees look healthy

plenty of shelter

Love is the source

of your creative vision

your response to nurture

with your pearls of wisdom

Pearls of wisdom

on a cross of creation

careful not to create

a cross of servility

The cross in nature

is a gift

don’t, with your ignorance

make it a burden

When you do

your Heart will fly

the weight too heavy

for one to encounter

Depths of the Heart

are for no-one to own

needs to be free

to stand alone

Sense of responsibility

needs to be free

to help with the birth

the transformation

Delicate balance

to carry such responsibility

such compassion

such caring

Needs to be grounded

surrounded by Nature

need to be nurtured

by Divine Mother Gaia

Such a balance

is required of you

to use the gifts

that you’ve been given

Boundaries required

for the Heart

a safe haven of protection

for all that feeling

Deepest sense of nurturance

from a divine source

compassion for humanity

the entire collective

Needs strong boundaries

for survival and growth

Heart needs protection

from its depth of feeling

Nurturing and protecting

the entire collective

a lot of work

for those compromised muscles!

The learning continues… Life is Abundant, creative, kind and oh so nurturing.  We are loved beyond reason.  Life is constantly giving.


Healing… a special gift

front gate home from Lismore

I came through these gates, only recently installed, on the 1st October 2010 at 3.36pm, as the new ‘caretaker’.  Oh yes, I had my plans… a Sacred Healing Retreat… I thought it was time.

The ‘energies’ had been calling me for a while… around mid 2007 I was getting the call.  But you know how we are… put off, put off… till we can put off no more… masters of procrastination, in things that matter.

I’ve been told my grandfather was a Gypsy… I will involve myself with some diligent research at a later date (the ‘next chapter’).  I have a feeling a lot will surface.  My initial interest in Astrology began quite early… around 11 yrs old, I was searching for answers.  I first looked in psychology books, then came across one on Astrology, can’t remember where… it was 1959.  After that, I never read another psychology book.  Right from the start I understood Astrology to be an Ancient science… they were the very words that came out of my mouth.

So Astrology  has walked with me along the path… a curiosity and fascination with energy vibrations and cycles and a desire to understand the psyche… and how it all influences us.  I’ve always had an enquiring mind.

So hence… the exact time of arriving at the gate.  Of course a ‘chart’ was constructed… and I’m still uncovering the secrets.

If you’ve read ‘about’ me… you’ll see I contracted the Polio virus when I was little… 3 yrs I was.  So ‘issues’ with the body have also walked beside me.  I never really gave it any thought when I was younger.  Or probably more accurately I buried any awareness pretty quickly… who wants to be different, when you’re young anyway!  But geez, having an iron brace on my leg until I was ten didn’t exactly make me invisible. But really, in my conscious mind I never thought about it much.  Neither did anyone else.  Think it was a part of the ‘fascinating’ fifties… god forbid anyone was different.  Bill boards and adverts broadcasting the need to be ‘perfect’.

But it wasn’t until around 1998 that I began researching Polio… I had no idea what actually happened to my body… ’cause no-one spoke about it.  Ignore it and it isn’t there.  Anyway, not being much of a conservative medical girl, I took the so-called ‘facts’ and added my perspective.  1997/98 was the first big ‘crash’… no need to go into the details, just that it grounded me for a few years.  For those familiar with Astrology… it was my Chiron Return.

Got through that one with my usual determination (and help from those who guide me)… but unfortunately took back some of my old, hard to put down, habits.  An A type personality with Mars in Scorpio… a Virgo with a Capricorn Moon, Gemini Ascendant etc etc…. and a double Rat.  Yes busy, busy, busy, busy.  These days ‘things’ have changed.

Being self-taught in Astrology, I didn’t do classes.  But in 2007 when the ‘energies’ were calling me I did a Black Moon Lilith workshop in Mullumbimby.  I then continued on to Woodenbong, my partner having recently bought a place there. The next day was the 27th August 2007… Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces… sitting on (conjunct in Astro talk) my Black Moon Lilith.  It was also my Saturn Return and not long till my birthday.  It was a significant turning point in my life.

I sat outside in the wonderful Woodenbong air…   the sky so magnificent… like a velvet cloak studded with millions of diamonds… it was sensational.  And I ‘knew’ big things were happening. I watched that Eclipse, as the Full Moon turned into a passionate red… and glowed.  I was mesmerized… the energy was captivating.  I awoke the next morning and everything had changed.  I not only felt it in myself… but I could ‘see’ it all around me, everything had changed… nothing was the same…. to be continued.


Happy New Moon in gorgeous Virgo

lotsa luv…. marilynxxx

it’s Virgo time…

10 commandments

First, apologies for not having artist’s name… if anyone recognises it please let me know.  I thought it really represented Virgo’s true nature.

As a Virgo born I feel she’s often very misunderstood.  Still wearing the Patriarchy’s stamp… as so many other ‘female’ messengers have.  As a Virgo… I think it’s time to meet the real Virgo… yes, it’s time, it’s time.

We all know about the fussy, tidy, perfectionist seeker… critical, solitary and health conscious person… always seeing the ‘flaws’.  The Patriarchy has a way of viewing things, especially the Feminine.  She was a threat, her power too great to be left free to roam… ‘contaminating’ all.  Patriarchy had a plan, a focus… ‘we will rule the world, we will create. we will decide who lives and who dies.  It is our actions that will form ‘what is’ ‘  ‘We are Man, we have power’… the voice of the Feminine wiped from awareness.

She’s been gone for so long now… that even I have difficulty finding the words to describe her.  BUT I can feel her.

She’s all around me… in the Earth under my feet, in the air that I breath.  All life around me sings her song.  She’s giving life, she provides support… she nourishes and nurtures… she protects and cares for.  She creates, she gives form to life.  She is the essence behind the manifest… she know the mysteries of life.  She is the Goddess.  She brings love… she brings care… her kindness surrounds me, she is Mother Earth.

She understand wholeness… it’s there that she lives.  The details of life are part of one much larger whole… she knows about this.  She lives in the wholeness… she brings this into form.  She is Spirit of the Earth.  If you’re still… you can hear her, her voice so sweet and tender… she sings the song of Life.  She’s the Mother, she’s the daughter… she’s the wise old Crone… she knows the mysteries… she’s Woman, she carries the Divine Feminine in manifested form.  She’s the Spirit of the Earth.

Her voice so sweet… so tender, so alluring… she’s calling us to listen.  It’s time, it’s time to know her mysteries.  She is the Goddess, the Spirit of the Earth.  It’s time, it’s time for her to be welcomed back.  The Earth’s been crying for her.  She heard that cry… and she’s back.  The Divine Feminine is with us again… after such a very long time.

Time for the Sacred… the sacred in matter… our body, our Earth… the essence behind all that’s living.  It’s time, it’s time.