I’m Alive… and I’m Breathing


And I feel incredibly grateful… even with the disgusting sound of trail bikes, racing through the bush…. unconscious of all the life forms around them.  Yes!  My pet Hate…. there, I used that horrible word.  It’s bike weekend here in Woodenbong…  I fluctuate… with strong desires to ‘whoosh’ them from these surrounds (and I must admit, I succumb at times)… always with ‘no harm to the humans’ added in… and attempting to ignore them, mostly unsuccessfully.  You see I was told my Grandfather was a Gypsy… and I ‘remember’ some things… like how to ‘curse’… I know a strange thing to ‘remember’ for a person like me… I try to be very responsible with this inheritance.  But at times like these…. it’s so incredibly tempting!

There’s not a lot of things I ‘hate’… in fact I rarely use the word… I know it’s not really the done thing!  But sometimes there is no other word… oh yes, I may say it silently not mouth it out loud… but I reckon most who know me know how I feel about bike weekends.

It’s not just the noise…  violently intruding in this Sacred Space… but it’s the unconsciousness… it really stinks!  I can smell it… I can feel the effects on all the life forms around here… the vibration so violent and invasive it affects my body… it’s then I act!  This is our home… and these ugly machines tear across the land with zero awareness …  totally unconscious… noise and speed… and they call that fun.  Well I certainly don’t.

So yes I do succumb to my Ancestral gifts.  I live from Love… so ‘no harm to the human’ is always included…. those metal machines, well that’s another story.  So I don’t sit on my verandah with a gun… I heard one local around here does when the bikes are around… just to make sure they don’t wander onto his land.  No I don’t do guns… there are other ways to persuade.

Yes I know… live and let live… not in my space I won’t!  I’ve read the Gypsys had a different slant on things… they didn’t concur with ‘what you give out comes back 10 x fold’… they believed in ‘an eye for an eye’.  Well… I live here and now… but yes I have Gypsy blood, there’s no denying that… but I’m a child of Light and Love… of goodness… of Peace.  But I will always protect myself, my family and all other life forms around me… who also call this home.

So you won’t see me brandishing a gun… but you may see me doing things with my hands with a deep sense of purpose on my face…as I said no harm to the humans… but what happens to the bikes… well…. that’s just collateral damage…. just don’t ride around my way.  I will persuade them… there’s less down this way this weekend… the message is getting through.  I protect my Sacred Space.

Yes… a lot less this weekend… down around me… good boys (they mainly are!) you’re getting the message… I mean you no harm… just stay out of my space!  The Witch on the Hill… has a white cat.


lotsa luv


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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