Revealing the Shadow…. Pluto retrograde

beautiful art

thank you to Artist (unknown) for this beautiful painting 


Everything is energy…  vibrating at different frequencies.  Everything has presence… everything has a ‘meaning’… it just needs to be decoded.

Pluto… ‘stationary’ for a few days now… turned to his retrograde cycle early this morning.

The ‘Shadow’ has been very present of late… that part that usually stays hidden… but always making its presence felt… usually in someone or something… outside of us.  We all have one… a shadow that is… the part of our psyche we normally don’t put on display.  We’re conditioned from birth… to be good and play the game… do as we’re told… don’t make waves… be a civilized person… in a civilized world.

There’s  part of us… well… really doesn’t give a shit… but we normally keep her well and truly hidden… after all, what would people say!!  I can still hear my dear Mother saying those words… ‘what will people think’… what a god awful way to live.

Having been a student of Astrology for nearly as long as I’ve been on this Earth… I turn to it at times… to give me a clearer ‘picture’ of what’s going on.  Usually the energy is already very present.  Actually I already ‘know’ what’s going on… I just get kinda excited when I see the Astrology chart saying the same thing… very neat!

The Shadow’s that part of us hidden from view… active in the unconscious… pressing to be made conscious… that’s why it pops up right in front of you.

Living in this time of a New Age birthing… witnessing the old decaying and dying… we are also a part of this transformation.  We’re not linear beings… we’re a massive complexity of connections, dimensions, vibrations… past, present and future.  We’re amazing creations.  And most often we’re only aware of very few parts of our nature.

So why is it important to incorporate the Shadow… that part so often denied and hidden.  Because it’s part of you… part of your history… part of your purpose… and part of your vision.  And with Pluto’s energy so strong at present… the Shadow is  more readily available to our vision.  But we need to let go of what we’ve been taught… to be a good girl or a good boy.  To sit and be still, don’t make any noise… do as you’re told… be a respectable part of this society created for you.  Well… the cracks are now too deep to ignore.

The Shadow is the other side of yourself… like a coin… heads and tails… one doesn’t exist without the other.  What is unconscious needs expression, if we deny it… it finds other ways of its own, often not pleasant.  It can show up in others, often things we don’t like… or sudden situations, seemingly ‘out of the blue’.  Or the most devastating way it decides to get our attention is in our body… usually as illness.

The Shadow is wild… free and uncivilized… it answers to no-one… it knows its own power.

As men and women we have our different manifestations… but after thousands of years of the Patriarchy… the rule of the masculine… the Feminine has been deeply wounded.  As the Feminine wounds, so does the masculine… the Yin and Yang… the two sides of the circle.

So during this rebirth of the Feminine many things may arise… for you personally… listen carefully to what is trying to find its voice… you never know, your very life could depend on it.

So if you hear her rage… as I did recently… listen to what’s she saying… she clearly wants expression.  She needs to be heard and she’ll insist on it!  Yes, it’s not what we’ve been taught… it takes faith and courage… or simply just had enough of being sick and tired… literally for some of us.

There’s only one way for health… and that’s being Whole… the Yin and the Yang together, complete.

I give thanks to Pluto… for the gifts he brings… Life is very kind… I see that constantly.  We’re always being helped… we’re Loved beyond reason.

So if your Shadow turns up… invite her/him in… sit down, have a cuppa… get to know each other.  The power of the Shadow can be a little daunting…  being held down for so long now… but you know you’re brave… you have heaps of courage… and you’re bloody determined… to be whole again.

Pluto time… time for the Shadow to come out and play….  be brave… let him do his thing… to help you.

much love… marilynxxx



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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