Healing the Divine Feminine

Athene Marilyn Scott

It’s the second month of¬†my ‘Healing Intensive’.¬† It’s a, quite, ‘in-the-moment’ Intensive . . .¬† allowing the natural flow of energy and events voice and discussion.¬† ‘Healing’ is a fascinating, multi-dimensional activity.

We carry within us the remnants . . . usually in stored emotions and energetic blockages . . . of all we’ve experienced.¬† Particularly highly charged events . . . such as traumatic experiences . . . result in physical, energetic blockages within the Body.¬† Some of these may have been established many years before, some in early childhood . . . and some may be carried on from our parents, grandparents . . . and even further.

During this current journey I’ve undertaken . . . I’ve experienced the massive wound to the Feminine.¬† Without having to rehash all the ‘stuff’ that’s happened to the Feminine . . . over many centuries . . . what I can say, from personal experience . . . is that we carry those wounds within our Body.¬† These Emotional¬† memories create physical blockages . . . stopping the natural flow of Energy thru the Body.¬† Body parts, ie tissues, organs etc begin to die, without fresh Energy flow . . . . what follows is acute and¬†chronic disease.

I’ve never taken on the label of a staunch Feminist . . . Life took me in another direction.¬† The first real indication I had, was at the stunning Venus Eclipse, mid last year.¬† That was a very powerful event for me.¬† I saw Venus rays descend to the Earth, I felt Venus rays on my skin . . . I experienced Venus rays enter my Body . . . this was real and physical.¬† I’m particularly happy about my strong ‘sense’¬†during times like these.

As I experienced Venus rays pass thru my skin and enter the internal sphere of my Body . . . I realized something significant.¬† I knew, without doubt, that I’d lived my life without her, she¬†didn’t reside within my internal world . . . I’d lost the supreme icon of the Divine Feminine.¬† That was a startling realization.

I traced back to the time that Venus ‘left’ . . . I was very young.¬† A Girl, a Woman . . . living without Venus . . . seems an oxymoron . . . but alas, I feel it’s more than common.¬† Venus has been missing from our lives . . .¬† possibly for ages.¬† Could it be that she was ousted . . . during the early days of the patriarchy . . . far too much of a threat to remain in the Woman.

Recently . . . well since the last Full Moon . . . my stomach/intestines etc have been in revolt . . . most uncomfortable.¬† Fortunately, I understand and believe what I do . . . I knew there were deeper issues.¬† It’s not always so easy to find ‘therapists’ that can actually work harmoniously with what you know and understand.


My mind was trying to scare me . . . marilyn, I’d say . . . remember, you don’t believe in that!!¬† I had a pretty good idea what was going on . . . but physically nothing was moving on very fast.¬† It became difficult to eat . . . I needed some¬†help.¬† But who to go to . . . always a quandary for me.

Finally yesterday¬†I went to¬†my Naturopath¬†. . . well, she’s not your ‘normal’ naturopath¬†. . . she’s trained and skilled, yes . . . but she’s an old Lemurian like me . . . with old Celtic roots . . . she understands about energy . . . and ‘things’ that can’t be ‘seen’.¬† She’s a gem.

Yes . . . it was what I thought it was . . .  energetically based.  Now, this does affect the physical . . . my symptoms were incredibly physical.  This issue of the severe wounding to the Feminine runs deep . . . and, I believe, is the basis for a lot of physical issues, especially for women.

With her help, I¬†was able¬†to ‘see’ a deeper issue, I’d not been aware of.¬† Yes, I knew I had authority, male and power issues . . . my Solar Plexus reminded me of that constantly.¬† My previous partner often commenting, when he saw me rubbing my tummy . . . . o-oh, something’s happening!

But what I hadn’t ‘seen’ before . . . was myself imprisoned, caged, restricted . . .¬†but what I’d really forgotten was the ultimate power of the Feminine.

Living in the age of the Patriarchy . . . it’s been easier to see the power of the Masculine . . . but more difficult, if at all possible, to see the true power of the Feminine.¬† I’m grateful for yesterday, for the help I received . . . that there are people around . . who know more that the usual¬†rhetoric.¬† There is deeper understanding about Life and the Body.¬† Being aware is the first step . . . trusting ourself is not always easy, sometimes we need the harmonious support of others.

The wound to the Feminine is physical¬† . . . . and it shows up in the usual places.¬† We are Women, we need to be aware and be proud . . . of the Power given to us . . . for Life, for Loving . . . for nurturing.¬† I believe this is¬†what’s happening at present . . . the balancing that’s needed . .¬† the Healing of the Divine Feminine.¬† She is the missing piece.¬† We are all moving¬†toward the Age of the Heart . . . . having been steeply embedded in the Age of Power (Solar Plexus).¬† This Age was necessary for our evolution as a species . . . but its run it’s course and has peaked!¬† As we’re well aware.¬† We’ve all learned about Power manifestation . . . we needed to learn it . . . it’s use and abuse.¬† We’re currently in the last days of this Age . . . well, may be years . . . it’s as if we had to see the destructive use of Power as well . . . which at present, is happening all around us.

Evolution is movement . . . and we are moving from the Solar Plexus Energy Centre (chakra) to the Heart Energy Centre (chakra) . . . . everything is Energy and is governed by these laws.


We’ve entered the outer circle of the Heart Energy Centre . . .¬† here the Divine Feminine resides . . . we are coming into an Age of the Feminine . .¬† where things will change dramatically.¬† We’re not quite there yet . . . the crossing over of Ages takes the time it does . . . so we learn the lessons we need to learn.¬† But if we¬†¬†keep our focus on that tiny light . . . emanating from the new world awaiting us . . . it will inspire us to continue to Love and Trust . . . to share the Beauty and the¬†nurturing . . . to allow the Divine Feminine . . . to Birth in our very Body . . . . she’s been waiting patiently.¬†¬† We each need to do this . . . individually.

Lotsa luv


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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