I’m so grateful for the silence

I’m so grateful for the silence

the richness of the moment

so intricate and full

yet so simple

and knowing


I can feel where I begin

and where I end

my skin, the container

of this vehicle of mine


and the Auric fields

that give extra protection


A miraculous event

this Human Life

a miracle of miracles

hard to really fathom

that the Infinite takes residence

in this mass of the physical

a temporary space

given for a reason


The Essence of Life

no more magnificent

so rich, so deep

so complex and simple

so full, so radiant

so nurturing, so comforting

so expansive, so contracting

so truly, truly magickal


Life is rich

it’s massive and it’s tiny

it’s full of Life Energy

the beginnings of everything

It’s regal, it’s holy

it’s divine, it’s funny

it’s warm, it’s loving

it’s so gentle and caring


I’m alive

I’m living

I feel it

as it’s happening


Happy Full Moon

the Moon this morning. . . .


The Full Moon woke me this morning. . .shining directly through my window. . .up and out to relish her magnificence.  Setting in the West, her big golden white ball. .. ready to make its descent.. . .below the horizon.  In the East, Venus, gorgeous as ever. . .Jupiter sitting with Aldebaran. . .last minutes of darkness before the Sun shnes his brilliance.

I sat with the Full Moon last night beside a crackling warm fire. . .the air thick with magick.  It was Imbolc, an Ancient Celtic festival. . .heralding the arrival of Spring. . .and honouring Brighid.  It’s the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  The old communities more in tune with the Land, the Sun and the Moon. . .and their cycles. . .celebrated and gave thanks for all that was given.  We’ve lost touch with this Energy. . .as we’ve removed ourself more and more from the natural world and her very real magick.

Everything is Energy. . .energy can be felt, seen and experienced.  The energy last night. . .  just as the Sun was beginning to set and with the Full Moon already in the sky. . . was thick and palpable.  I was tired after two days in the garden, first for a while. . .what with all that heavy energy in July. . .just wanted to stay snuggled in the house. . .as if I was escaping it there!!  I was collecting wood to start the fire in the house. . .I stopped for a minute to watch the incredible beauty happening around me. . .and that was it. . .I connected to the energy. . . it was strong and penetrating.

I felt a natural pull to the energy that was occurring. . .Imbolc is known as a time of letting go. . .and making new intentions.  Still with my garden gloves on. . .I collected the bits and pieces needed for my little ritual.  I’ve found that ritual is a great way to create strong and direct focus.  I wasn’t expecting to do this. . .but the feeling was too strong to ignore.

As the Sun melted below the two sacred mountains. . . that watch over and protect me day after day. . . .and the Full Moon simply radiated the most incredible energy. . . I lit my candle and held my beautiful staff. . . .I sat and absorbed the energy that was being given.  I let go of all the things that I no longer needed. . .and intended the things that I wish to sprout with the powerful Spring energy.

I had visions, I received messages. . I saw beyond the physical. . .I felt the magick that was happening all around me.  I felt incredible grateful for the experience.

You see, I don’t expect these things. . .I’m pretty practical on one level. . .yes I see beauty all around. . .but I don’t live in a fantasy world. . .my feet are firmly on the ground. . .my hands mostly in the soil.  But it’s this ‘feeling’ sense I have, that reveals all kinds of things to me. . .and sometimes I ‘see’ things. . .that some might say aren’t there. . .I’ve just learnt to accept things I cannot explain. . .it’s easier that way.  And I guess just be careful who I say what to. . .best not tell the Doctor that I hear voices and see things. . .that may not be in my best interest!!

Well, anyway. . .so.o.o.o nice August is here. . . I feel myself again. . .July was a real doozy. . .don’t know if you felt it. . .it was so heavy and boy, so thick with. . . .hard to explain, but it felt like everything was being reconstructed, on so many levles. . .almost like I was on the operating table.  But now, thank god. . .the energy has subsided. . .back in the garden. . .back to writing.

There’s so much more than we see with our eyes. . .so much more happening below the surface of things. . .it’s both a blessing and a challenge, at times. to feel and see these things. . . but we were all made perfectly. . .so just have to get on with being me. . . each one of us perfectly made to contribute to the whole.

So lets all celebrate. . .we’ve been through a huge amount of ‘stuff’. . . whether you felt it or not. . .it did occur. . .and what a perfect time to celebrate. . . a Full Moon in Aquarius. . .it has some really lovely energy.  Whooo. . .so good to be back. . .albietly reconstructed.

this was Venus this morning. . . .


oodles of love

magick, love and healing