from my sick bed. . .

“Nothing is a coincidence. . . .” (my Dad’s favourite saying). . . .everything has a reason (mine).  This morning I’m comfy and warm in my bed. . .looking out to the beautiful day. . .on the other side of my bedroom windows.  I’m not feeling very good.  Where this came from. . .is anyone’s guess.  The headache started overnight, it woke me many times. . .late yesterday felt achy and sore and very tired.  My guess?  The Chiron Full Moon approaching.

Everything is energy. . .everything can be felt. . . .and within us we carry all we’ve experienced.  If we want to move forward. . .into brand new lands. . . somethings need to be left behind. . .their purpose complete.  I’ve mentioned before, being a wee sensitive soul. . .certainly has its gifts and ‘other’ things at times.  It sometimes feels like there aren’t any walls between me and everything else. .  . .the boundary walls of my castle. . .are very permeable indeed!

But what I’ve learnt is there’s a message, in everything that comes forth. . .everything tells a story. . .I just need to listen to what’s being said.  Now sometimes the language is different. . .may need a little translating. . .and messages come in feelings. . .and also body symptoms.  I’ve often experienced that during times of illness. . .major messages are being channeled.

What it feels like. . .is there’s toxicity. . .in my body that needs releasing. . . .now this is not just physical. . .nothing ever is.  We’re composed of many elements. . .the physical is only one. . .we’re a kaleidoscope of events and happenings. . .feelings, thoughts and emotions.  So when the body turns up the volume. . .it’s trying to get my attention. . .stop, look and listen. . .I have something important to tell you.

Full Moon times are peak times of the cycle. . . .illuminating all that’s present. . .she doesn’t just light up the sky with her brilliance. . . she also illuminates our internal environment.  2012 has been a big year. . .well, it’s actually been building for a few years now. . . .but such a massive time of cleansing. . . .we live in times unprecedented.

So when we go down with a headache, a flu. . .or some other malady. . .listen very carefully. . . .something important is being conveyed. . .to you personally.  The Body’s very good at getting you to stop. . .when it needs your attention. . .personally, I’ve found these to be significant times. . . .elevated times of awareness and learning.

So will snuggle down. . . .sleep and rest. . .and a good book if needed.  Everything else will have to wait. . .important business is happening.

lotsa luv




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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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