HAPPY NEW MOON. . . ..in Leo

                      Morning Sun rising

What a beautiful, glorious morning. . . a fresh new cycle. . .the energy of this new cycle is from Leo.  Leo is bold, daring, dramatic, gorgeously creative, full of sunshine, warmth and generous giving.  Leo stands tall. . .she has much to be proud of. .. . her Heart is a molten, golden mass of the purest sunshine.  You can’t help but notice her. . .’cause she shines so brightly. .. . and such a loving heart. . . .she shares so generously.  I love Leo!  My Mum had her Moon in Leo. . . as a child, I experienced first hand the incredible warmth and generosity. . . .Leo’s love giving.

Each time Mum returned home from shopping, and that was most days. . . .there was always a little surprise for me and my brother.   Christmas. . . the whole floor space in the lounge room was FULL of presents, half for me and half for my brother.  Birthdays were always grand affairs. ..  .Mum’s heart overflowed with giving.  Yes I have a big spot in my Heart for Leo energy.  My Venus is in Leo. . . Venus represents what we love, what we value. . .what we are attracted to.  I’m attracted to that warmth. . .that loving. . .that generous Heart and giving spirit.

Values come up again and again for me. . . what we Love we attract into our Life. . . .also what we focus on.  I find the same values keep coming up year after year after year.  Somethings are more important to us than others. . . .and we need to honour these.  We value them for a reason. . .’cause we want them and need them in our life.

Reading my Gratitude Challenge this morning. . .Nicole was talking about Wealth. . . .what is Wealth?  She said. . . . 

“When we fill our life with the things that make us happy. . . .we are wealthy beyond measure” 

Often times, especially in our Modern World. . .we think of Wealth as money. . . .  and yes money can buy us things that make us happy. . .. . but it’s the happiness that’s the Wealth. . . .not the money. . . .Nicole also said

“Wealth is having a richness that supports your value system”

It’s having things we value. . .that make us happy. .. . we then have the wealth of happiness.  In Astrology Venus is the planet of Values. . . and also the 2nd house in the chart. . . .the house of Taurus.  Taurus builds from the Earth up. . .. we build from our values.  Our values are the foundation of our life and our desires.  It’s just that sometimes we forget what we’re really wanting.  Money alone, will never bring happiness. . . I think we all know that.  It’s a neutral energy. . .just paper and metal. . .it’s the energy given to it. . .that has value.

Anyway we’re currently celebrating the New Moon in Leo. . . .Leo ‘s creations are bold and brilliant. . .she’s a master Creator!  So what materials do we use for our creations. . .. we use our values.  It’s easy to overlook them at times. . . .they’re just there. . .sitting deeply at our foundation. . . .they don’t make a lot of noise. . .they’re just a part of our unique essence.

So maybe today is a good day. . .to pay them more attention. . .knock on their door. . .you’ll be welcomed  in with the warmest smile. . .and the most slendiferous spread.  Have a good chat. . .get to know them. . .more intimately. . .’cause they’re directing your attention.. . . all of the time.

What are your most precious values. . . .get to know them. . . .they’re always guiding you.

Grand Leonian blessings. . . .for a super wonderfully creative New Moon Cycle. . . .full of all your most precious values.

Lotsa luv


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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