I’m so grateful for the silence

I’m so grateful for the silence

the richness of the moment

so intricate and full

yet so simple

and knowing


I can feel where I begin

and where I end

my skin, the container

of this vehicle of mine


and the Auric fields

that give extra protection


A miraculous event

this Human Life

a miracle of miracles

hard to really fathom

that the Infinite takes residence

in this mass of the physical

a temporary space

given for a reason


The Essence of Life

no more magnificent

so rich, so deep

so complex and simple

so full, so radiant

so nurturing, so comforting

so expansive, so contracting

so truly, truly magickal


Life is rich

it’s massive and it’s tiny

it’s full of Life Energy

the beginnings of everything

It’s regal, it’s holy

it’s divine, it’s funny

it’s warm, it’s loving

it’s so gentle and caring


I’m alive

I’m living

I feel it

as it’s happening


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