lots of energy for renewal

A Blue Moon. . .A Full Moon. . .saturated with Chiron. . . .yes we’re living in 2012. . .. the times they are concentrated indeed!  But they bring many opportunities.  The energy of this Full Moon has been building all week. . . literally of course, the Moon waxes to her fullness. . . .but also in our bodies.  The Moon has a strong connection to our body. . .she rules over all our fluids. . .she influences the ‘tides’ within us. . . our emotions and our feelings.  In Astrology she’s connected to our past, our Mother, our home, our Ancestors. . . .she imprints the flesh we’re made from. . .she gives us access to our memories.

Within our body we store our memories. . .those that are conscious and unconscious. . . .we also store all ‘happenings’ that we’ve encountered on our journey.  Some of these we’re not aware of. . .in our day-to-day living. . .but they contribute to the very flesh. . .our bodies are made from.  Nothing disappears. . . .all is stored away neatly and securely in the cells of our body.

Memories that have a ‘charge’. . .of sadness, grief or trauma. . . .lodge themselves in a way that creates a blockage in our body.  Just as it does when we experience it. . . it ‘shocks’ us.  When the tissues are shocked they also create a wall around them. . .to keep out any perceived invaders.  These blockages stop the natural flow of Life. . .so necessary to keep our bodies working. . .the blood, the muscles, the nervous system all become affected.  The body’s an incredible creation. . .such superior intelligence. . .but it’s also very sensitive. . .it’s made from Life energy. . .which is pure. . .full of Love and Beauty.  It needs this energy to function properly.

So none of us escape the challenges in life. . .we all carry around our internal scars. . . .but there comes a time when they begin to interfere with our actual body functions. . .in a way that threaten our life.  Our internal scars. . . .need love and healing. . .to sooth their ragged edges.

So tomorrow the Full Moon’s at her peak. . .just a minute or two before mid-night (east coast Oz time). . . .but the energies have been building strongly all week. . .bringing our attention. . .to what needs our focus.

So if you get a chance to go outside. . . .bathe in the Moon’s luscious rays. . .let her Moonbeams shower over your head. . .feel in your body what’s calling for your attention. . .then ask for all these to be bathed and healing. . . .letting go of all no longer needed.  You are safe, you are protected. . .your are nurtured and loved. . . .you have the gift of Life. . . .you’re doing well.

May all the Angels bring you even more blessings. . . .on this special weekend . . .and remember sometimes you just need to acknowledge the pain. . .before you can let it go. . . .

lotsa luv


from my sick bed. . .

“Nothing is a coincidence. . . .” (my Dad’s favourite saying). . . .everything has a reason (mine).  This morning I’m comfy and warm in my bed. . .looking out to the beautiful day. . .on the other side of my bedroom windows.  I’m not feeling very good.  Where this came from. . .is anyone’s guess.  The headache started overnight, it woke me many times. . .late yesterday felt achy and sore and very tired.  My guess?  The Chiron Full Moon approaching.

Everything is energy. . .everything can be felt. . . .and within us we carry all we’ve experienced.  If we want to move forward. . .into brand new lands. . . somethings need to be left behind. . .their purpose complete.  I’ve mentioned before, being a wee sensitive soul. . .certainly has its gifts and ‘other’ things at times.  It sometimes feels like there aren’t any walls between me and everything else. .  . .the boundary walls of my castle. . .are very permeable indeed!

But what I’ve learnt is there’s a message, in everything that comes forth. . .everything tells a story. . .I just need to listen to what’s being said.  Now sometimes the language is different. . .may need a little translating. . .and messages come in feelings. . .and also body symptoms.  I’ve often experienced that during times of illness. . .major messages are being channeled.

What it feels like. . .is there’s toxicity. . .in my body that needs releasing. . . .now this is not just physical. . .nothing ever is.  We’re composed of many elements. . .the physical is only one. . .we’re a kaleidoscope of events and happenings. . .feelings, thoughts and emotions.  So when the body turns up the volume. . .it’s trying to get my attention. . .stop, look and listen. . .I have something important to tell you.

Full Moon times are peak times of the cycle. . . .illuminating all that’s present. . .she doesn’t just light up the sky with her brilliance. . . she also illuminates our internal environment.  2012 has been a big year. . .well, it’s actually been building for a few years now. . . .but such a massive time of cleansing. . . .we live in times unprecedented.

So when we go down with a headache, a flu. . .or some other malady. . .listen very carefully. . . .something important is being conveyed. . .to you personally.  The Body’s very good at getting you to stop. . .when it needs your attention. . .personally, I’ve found these to be significant times. . . .elevated times of awareness and learning.

So will snuggle down. . . .sleep and rest. . .and a good book if needed.  Everything else will have to wait. . .important business is happening.

lotsa luv




what’s a disability?

            little marilyn looking a bit ‘out-of-it’!

Writing those words. . .’out-of-it’. . . .realised that’s a phrase that’s familiar. . .been expressed often. . .over the years.  Now. . .. this is a first. . .a big day. . . .the first time EVER. . .I’ve written about ‘Disability’.  Well first. . .the version in the dictionary. . .’inability to do something e g pursue an occupation because of physical or mental impairment, handicap, legal disqualification’. . . .’Disable’ – to deprive of, to cripple.

And the Thesaurus (one of my favourite books!) Disability is . . .handicap, affliction, disorder, defect, impairment, disablement, infirmity.  And if you are ‘disabled’ you are differently-abled (I like that one), physically challenged, weakened (know about that one), crippled, paralysed, lame, mutilated, incapacitated (yes, that’s a good one. . .”I’m currently incapacitated”. . .will try that), inform and bedridden.  Written in brackets below these definitions was “referring to people with disabilities as the disabled can cause offence and should be avoided.  Instead refer to them as people with disabilities, or, possibly, disabled people or differently-abled people.”. . . .enough from the dictionaries.

Well. . .I’ve never used that word toward myself. . . .EVER.  I never even considered I had a disability. . . .nor did my family. . .or at least it was never said verbally.  I guess when I had a leg iron strapped to my little leg. . .it must have been more obvious. . . .but mentally. . .it was no part of my reality. . ..   .or was it!

The haircut. . .a leftover from hospital. . .I swear ‘they’ tried to  make us as unattractive as humanly possible!!!  Gone was my long wavy hair. . . and in its place a basin cut. . . .and a leg iron.

This back to the past stuff started a couple of days ago.  Ending up in one of those ‘out-of-it’ spaces. . .I was looking through some old journals. . .actually sparked off by Jupiter. . . .!!! you say. . .well, was curious (Gemini Ascendant) as to what was happening in my life. . .when Jupiter (the planet) was in the same spot as he is now. . . .around 12 yrs ago.  Fortunately I record a lot of stuff. . .so my journals are always enlightening!  And there I was. . .struggling.  I forget. . . .often. . .which is certainly not a bad thing. . . I get caught up with all the Beauty and Magick around me. . . it’s very real for me.  But I’d have to be thicker than thick. . .to not know I have issues with my Body. . .from time to time. . .and last few years. . .more regularly.

I’m the eternal optimist. . .and I understand and have training in ‘Energy’.  I’ve always been curious. . . and I always go searching for ‘answers’. . . .or at least a way that ‘feels’ good to me.  Having Polio as a toddler exposed me to many different things. . .so in essence my life was different. . .but it brought out my innate gifts and talents. . .. I figure they go back in my family line. . . .the Earth and her Healing Magick.  Life is always giving. . .I see that constantly. . .everything we need has been provided. . . .we don’t have to manufacture or ‘discover’ it. . . .if we open our eyes and our mind. . .we’ll see it before us.  It blows me away. . .the awesome intelligence. . . .like, certain foods grow at certain times of the year. . . because that’s when we need them. . . how incredible is that!  Also, if you look around your garden. . . .hopefully it’s not been doused in chemicals. . . you’ll find nature’s medicine magickally appearing. . . .yes. . .the weeds!!

Back to the trips to the past. . .and me talking about ‘disability’.  You see there’s been a lot of hiding. . .a lot of pretence. . .of lot of denial and a lot of ‘doing what you’re told’.  You see the last Polio epidemic happened in the ’50’s. . .for those who aren’t familiar. . .creating illusions. . .was what was happening. . . .perfect pictures of perfect families. . .. usually coming our of America.  Neptune in Libra. . . .the illusion of beauty, peace and harmony. . .coming after the second world war and the depression. . .people wanted to believe things were now perfect.  Now disability is not part of the perfect picture.  I watched a documentary on the Polio Epidemics in the US back then. . .. the greatest FEAR at that time. . .was not death (’cause Polio did kill people). . . .but disability. . . .it shocked me!

Well I lived here in Oz. . . not the US. . .but I’m sure somethings were similar.  As I grew up. . .no-one ever spoke the dreaded P word. . . all was diverted on to the path of ‘normality’.  As I got older I did ask Mum somethings and she told me. . .but most of the time it was completely ignored, the elephant in the room. . .must have been hard when I had this metal on my smaller leg.  So why I’m saying this. . .is this is what I learnt from those around me. . . .ignore it.  Well, some would say. . .that’s a good thing isn’t it. . . .don’t want you feeling sorry for yourself. . . .I don’t think I ever felt sorry for myself. . . .but looking back now. . .there’s been a lot of hiding. . . .of lot of pretending.  I became good at it.  So good that as I became older, I always wore trousers, no one even guessed I’d had Polio . . .and I didn’t volunteer the information.

Can’t remember now. . .how long ago I admitted it. . . .some people were really surprised. . . .I looked so normal. . . .I had succeeded!  Or had I?

That’s enough about the past. . .now is now. . . .and I love life. . .and feel so grateful for everything I have. . . .but this hiding and pretending has come at a price. . . .a price I’m now paying.  Don’t get me wrong. . .there’s no poor me here. . . .quite the opposite really. . .but what I’ve learnt. . . .if it can help anyone else. . . is not to pretend. . . or try to be what you’re not. . . .it gobbles up too much energy.

You see being an ‘individual’ and a tad ‘nonconformist’. . .I don’t like labels. . .and I’m not a great fan of the Modern Medical System. . .I’m just not. . .I’m sure they have their place. . . but  not in my life thank you.  It’s why I ventured into Natural Therapies. . .and how I came across this incredible bounty of Mother Nature.  So I try to stay away from the ‘diagnosis’ (Post Polio). . . .and ‘find’ myself everyday. . .honour my feelings and how I feel. . . .and don’t feel ashamed when I can’t ‘do’ what I used to do. . . I have to keep my focus strong there. And create a healing environment in my life. . .treat myself and my body with loving kindness. . . ..and all the Healing Magick that exists in dearest Mother Nature.

So the new chapter in my life is. . . ..what is comfortable, nurturing, supportive, enlivening, engaging (my heart). . . .and just plain beautiful and enjoyable.  I’m learningto listen to my own needs first. . . .I’m a beginner, I’ll admit it. . . .especially with the psyche of a ‘Healer’. . . but I love this life and I want to be here as long as possible. . . there’s still so much I haven’t expressed. . . .so many of my delicious gifts. . . .from my dear Ancestors. . . .so I’m determined. . .in the gentlest, gentlest way.  I guess I’ve always been determined. . .what with Mars in Scorpio. . . jeez.z.z. it’s almost killed me!!  But now the gently, loving, nurturing determination of my Heart. . . .and Venus. . . . .Love, love, love

lotsa luv

and take advantage of all the incredible energy available. . . .for healing


A fragile morning. . .

                          Sunset last night

The last few days I’ve been feeling so tired. . .so exhausted.  Now these events are familiar. . .they’ve been part of my journey.  My reactions are also quite familiar. . .frustration, resistance and sometimes so tired that just plain teary.  I hate being vulnerable!  I know, that’s a strong word.. . .and I probably don’t hate it. . .it just confuses me.

You see. . . I just don’t know when it’s going to happen. . .or what I’ve done to bring it on.  Call me thick, I am at times. . .I’ve been told for years. . to not overdo it.  But what is overdoing. . .need to be a genius to work that one out. . .it’s so individual.  Well, the people on the Post Polio site say ‘don’t do anything if you are tired’. . .well, I say. . .I would never have done much!

Yes, I know. . . .I need to be more in tune with my body. . .it’s been a long journey with this learning.  What I can do and what I can’t. . .usually don’t know till I’m struggling to keep body operating. . . .that’s why I get frustrated!!  At times, over the years. . .I’d also get angry with myself. . .I’m supposed to be bright. . . .so how come so stupid.  Ok, Ok. . .I’m not being down on myself here. . . I’m not. . .I’m just observing. . . there’s a difference.

I think back. . .what did I do yesterday. . .’cause this morning having difficulty breathing. . .I’m a mess. . .and I so wanted to plant those Agapanthas today. . .they’ve been sitting in buckets of water for a couple of days. . . .AND. .it’s a great Moon day for planting.  Well it could have been all the digging I did. . .removing them from their stubborn roots.   And that other digging you did a few days ago. . .pulling with every fibre of muscle power you had. . .and from what ‘they’ say. . . those muscles of yours ain’t ‘normal’ (nerve damage from Polio).  And then cleaning the house yesterday. . .it’s a very big house. . .and the fire each night. . .so warm and gorgeous. . .does make the house more dusty. . .and yes I am a Virgo, I like things to ‘feel’ clean.  And the strange thing. . .whenever I feel tired or out of sorts. . I’ll often want to clean.  I’m sure it’s an ‘energy’ thing for me. . . need to clean up the energy around me. . . it does work. . .but sometimes I overdo it. . .and . . . . . .

Yes, I know I do it to myself. . .but it always takes me by surprise. . .each time. . .am I thick or what?

Anyway. . .last night after I’d lit the fire and before I turned on my ‘Soap’ addiction (it’s been a bit heavy lately, don’t like it). . .I went for a walk outside.  Now I live in this magickal place. . .Ancestors, Faeries, Light Spirits everywhere. . .I’m very lucky.  It’s a big place, a property and I can’t really take care of it myself. . .but somehow we’ve managed so far, not sure what the future holds. . .but for now it’s magickal and I’m very, very fortunate to be here.  It’s a real genuine Healing Environment. . .true blue!  And boy have I needed it these last 2 years.  Back to outside last night. . .the sky, again, pure magick. . . .my eyes went straight to the Moon. . .she was glowing, golden. . .and she sat above that gorgeous triangle. . .that’s been in the western sky for a while. . . Mars, Saturn and Spica. . .sensational.  She was snuggling up to Mars. . .with Saturn not too far away.  It got me thinking!

Moon with Mars. . .Moon with Saturn. . .over these last few days. . .the days when I’ve been out to the count. . .totally exhausted and body struggling.  I said to myself . . . ‘.we are fluid, we are emotional beings. . ..  .our emotions create an energetic state. . .which effects our physical and mental’.  That’s what the ‘Attraction’ principle is based on.  It was a light bulb moment. . .and it happened by going outside and looking up at the sky.  Yes my Astrological knowledge helps me understand the personal affects of planetary energies.

I thought. . .is that what’s been happening these last few days. . .yes there’s the physical things we do. . .but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m extremely energetically sensitive. . .born that way I reckon. . . so energies affect me strongly.  Now, mentally I wasn’t aware of the Moon aspecting Saturn and Mars. . .my head’s just not had the space for all that lately. . .but looking up at the sky last night. . .I understood something.

I also may have mentioned before. . that my natal Moon is in Capricorn. . . .and I have a Virgo Sun. . .so vulnerability ain’t high on the list for either of these folk.  Add to that the very early years I spent enclosed in hospital walls for a very long time. . . vulnerability was not an option. . .it just wasn’t!!  So it’s not something that’s been easy for me to feel. . .yet when I do. . .amazing things happen.  I feel I am more in touch with ‘me’ and moments of creative brilliance occur.  I’ve begun many a creative project. . .or ‘received’ brilliantly creative inspiration. . .when I’ve been vulnerable. . .usually preceded by my body collapsing.  Now is that necessary. . . .or is there another way.  Maybe that’s the lesson of the moment.

With a Gemini Ascendant. . .I can live in my head. . .well Virgo’s can drift that way as well. . . .the head and the body were different planets for me. . .often. . . now that ain’t healthy.  I’ve learnt, mostly the hard way, to listen to my body. . . I’m still in kindergarten.  I just hope I get it before I push my body over the edge. . .now that would be a real pity; ’cause this little Virgo Gypsy girl came with many gifts and talents. . .and being a little private girl. . and leaning to solitude. . .many of her gifts and talents remain buried deep in her caverns.

2012 is a big year. .. in more ways than we understand. . . but the lessons being made available. . .are superior in their content. . .we are very lucky people. . .to be here. . . here and now.

Happy hours of in-depth discovery

muchest love


HAPPY NEW MOON. . . ..in Leo

                      Morning Sun rising

What a beautiful, glorious morning. . . a fresh new cycle. . .the energy of this new cycle is from Leo.  Leo is bold, daring, dramatic, gorgeously creative, full of sunshine, warmth and generous giving.  Leo stands tall. . .she has much to be proud of. .. . her Heart is a molten, golden mass of the purest sunshine.  You can’t help but notice her. . .’cause she shines so brightly. .. . and such a loving heart. . . .she shares so generously.  I love Leo!  My Mum had her Moon in Leo. . . as a child, I experienced first hand the incredible warmth and generosity. . . .Leo’s love giving.

Each time Mum returned home from shopping, and that was most days. . . .there was always a little surprise for me and my brother.   Christmas. . . the whole floor space in the lounge room was FULL of presents, half for me and half for my brother.  Birthdays were always grand affairs. ..  .Mum’s heart overflowed with giving.  Yes I have a big spot in my Heart for Leo energy.  My Venus is in Leo. . . Venus represents what we love, what we value. . .what we are attracted to.  I’m attracted to that warmth. . .that loving. . .that generous Heart and giving spirit.

Values come up again and again for me. . . what we Love we attract into our Life. . . .also what we focus on.  I find the same values keep coming up year after year after year.  Somethings are more important to us than others. . . .and we need to honour these.  We value them for a reason. . .’cause we want them and need them in our life.

Reading my Gratitude Challenge this morning. . .Nicole was talking about Wealth. . . .what is Wealth?  She said. . . . 

“When we fill our life with the things that make us happy. . . .we are wealthy beyond measure” 

Often times, especially in our Modern World. . .we think of Wealth as money. . . .  and yes money can buy us things that make us happy. . .. . but it’s the happiness that’s the Wealth. . . .not the money. . . .Nicole also said

“Wealth is having a richness that supports your value system”

It’s having things we value. . .that make us happy. .. . we then have the wealth of happiness.  In Astrology Venus is the planet of Values. . . and also the 2nd house in the chart. . . .the house of Taurus.  Taurus builds from the Earth up. . .. we build from our values.  Our values are the foundation of our life and our desires.  It’s just that sometimes we forget what we’re really wanting.  Money alone, will never bring happiness. . . I think we all know that.  It’s a neutral energy. . .just paper and metal. . .it’s the energy given to it. . .that has value.

Anyway we’re currently celebrating the New Moon in Leo. . . .Leo ‘s creations are bold and brilliant. . .she’s a master Creator!  So what materials do we use for our creations. . .. we use our values.  It’s easy to overlook them at times. . . .they’re just there. . .sitting deeply at our foundation. . . .they don’t make a lot of noise. . .they’re just a part of our unique essence.

So maybe today is a good day. . .to pay them more attention. . .knock on their door. . .you’ll be welcomed  in with the warmest smile. . .and the most slendiferous spread.  Have a good chat. . .get to know them. . .more intimately. . .’cause they’re directing your attention.. . . all of the time.

What are your most precious values. . . .get to know them. . . .they’re always guiding you.

Grand Leonian blessings. . . .for a super wonderfully creative New Moon Cycle. . . .full of all your most precious values.

Lotsa luv


a new day. . . .

Gypsy Benders

This picture gave me such a good feeling.. . . .wanted to include it in my new day. . . .

I’ve mentioned before how I was told my Grandfather was a Gypsy. . . never did meet him, I guess he was off travelling and exploring somewhere.  But there’s no doubt the Gypsy heritage is in there. . . .gosh, with some of the things I ‘recall’. . . stored deep in my cellular memory.  The way Life works can be a mystery at times. . . .but I love the mysterious.. .. so nothing stays hidden for long!  And aren’t those Benders just the best!  The fabric thing certainly in my genes. . .and strange how an image can spark off so many feelings. . . some that don’t have any connection to the life I’ve lived!

I’ve also mentioned how Mum had x-ray vision. . . .she could see through steel doors. . . .of course it was all a bit of a plaything. . .not taken seriously.  But then there were those dreaded times when a ‘boy’ called to take me out. . . .she’d be the one opening the door. . . .and ‘zip’. . .her gaze would travel up and down, at lightening speed. . . .as she sucked out all the relevant information.  Must have been quite an ordeal for the poor guys.  And then there was my Dad. . .standing on the verandah. . .at the end of the night, as we pulled up outside the house. . . ..well. . .that’s another story!!  No wonder not many guys were brave enough to experience the ‘Border’ ordeal.  I know. . . .no-ones’ life is normal!!

But that ‘normal’ word. . . raises its insidious head. . .so many times. . .I reckon I’m over it now!  You see, having Gypsy heritage I was never going to be ‘normal’. . .and then add to that having Polio as a child. . . .the ‘normal’ stakes were stacked against me.  But I tried. . . .boy did I try. . .over and over and over again.  It’s a godsend really that I’m nearly 64 yrs. . .in the beautiful month of September. . .yes a Virgo.  And you know how Virgo’s like to be ‘good’.  But anyway, it’s getting easier to let go of the dreaded ‘normal’ yoke. . .so, so heavy. . .to carry around.

There’s a certain liberation with the onset of older age. . . .can’t prance around anymore with this gorgeous bod and face. . . pretending to be things that I’m  not!  Can now just be comfortable in my own skin. . . .hallelujah!  And well beauty never leaves. . .it’s the very essence of which I’m made.   So yes, I’m very  happy to be here.  Ambitions also need to be tempered. . .somethings have changed and denial gets me nowhere. . . but it’s a brand new cycle. . .with so many magickal gifts.  As I sit here looking out at such amazing beauty. . . only sounds of birdsong. . .clouds just look stunning.  Life all around me. . .nurtures and caresses. . .and I can just sit here. . . .and allow it to fill me.  Nowhere to go and nothing to do. . . I can just be. . . .and really, really relish my life. . . .and then of course. . .tell some stories. . . which I love to do.  Read somewhere, sometime. . .that Marilyn meant ‘Storyteller’. . . ain’t that good!

This is what I’m looking at right now. . ..

I’m free to live my life. . .as I like. . .now how incredible is that!

Anyway. . .I got to thinking about the ‘normal’ thing again this morning. . .after reading Lee Harris’ Energy Forecast. . . .I enjoy reading these.  I describe myself as being energetically sensitive. . .took a while to accept this. . .but now it explains heaps.  It’s not always easy being that way. . .’cause I ‘pick up’ more than I often need. . .often unconsciously.  So been trying for a while now to check in with my body. . .it’s an amazing intelligence. . .it’ll tell me straight up. . .what’s really happening.  It’s getting easier to know what’s mine and what isn’t. . .but I need to be conscious to be aware of this.

Life as a ‘sensitive’ can be fraught with so many different experiences. . . but it also has many incredible gifts.  I get to feel things at such a deep level. . . .so it goes both ways. . . all the beauty . . .and all the ‘other’ things.  Focus so important here. . .also what I surround my highly tuned antennae with.  Nature and solitude . . . a haven for sensitive souls.

Must be time now to let go of this heavy burden I’ve carried. . .trying to be ‘normal’. . .when no such thing exists, anywhere.  Not sure if it was my dear Mum. . . I can still hear her say . . .”what will people think?”. . . .jeez. . .fancy saying that to a little Virgo!  Who’s always trying to please. . .and help. . in some way.  Or the Doctors. . .when I was finally released. .from those hospital walls. ..  .”you can now be normal. . .go out and live a normal life”. . . .jeezus. . . .what a burden to place on a little Virgo Gypsy child!

But we all have our journeys. . . and really. . .they are  magickal adventures. . .we get to learn things. . .no-one can teach us. . .we get to explore the very essence of ourselves. . .we get to live our life as ‘me’.

Happy moments. . .may they walk with you, every step. .. and when they don’t. . .don’t be sad. . .you’re learning very special things.

much love


everything is vibrating. . . .

Everything vibrates

everything is moving

its own unique sound

it’s own way of shifting

beneath the shape

and form of all

musical notes

of the highest order

we all hear it

on another level

our bodies feel

every vibration

we each have rythms

more suited

to our nature

some harmonious

some discordant

we seek out vibrations

that will uplift

but sometimes intercept

those that deceive

how do we navigate

this land of vibration

what senses are needed

to be open and active

’cause through our journey

many vibrations

we encounter

some raising us up

some bringing us lower

are we aware

of which we face

physical matter can deceive

what it appears

it really isn’t

we need to decipher

what sounds

we are hearing

what is it really

I take into my body

consequences always follow

need to tune in

to our own unique rythmn

follow it’s sound

it will not trick

but rythmns of others

need careful observation

music is powerful

can hypnotise our senses

so becoming familiar

with our own unique rythmn

we can dance joyfully

merge with the music

vibration is the basis

of all that exists

need to be alert

to the vibrations

we encounter

are they for me

or are they for another

music is constantly

seducing my senses


I’m so grateful for the silence

I’m so grateful for the silence

the richness of the moment

so intricate and full

yet so simple

and knowing


I can feel where I begin

and where I end

my skin, the container

of this vehicle of mine


and the Auric fields

that give extra protection


A miraculous event

this Human Life

a miracle of miracles

hard to really fathom

that the Infinite takes residence

in this mass of the physical

a temporary space

given for a reason


The Essence of Life

no more magnificent

so rich, so deep

so complex and simple

so full, so radiant

so nurturing, so comforting

so expansive, so contracting

so truly, truly magickal


Life is rich

it’s massive and it’s tiny

it’s full of Life Energy

the beginnings of everything

It’s regal, it’s holy

it’s divine, it’s funny

it’s warm, it’s loving

it’s so gentle and caring


I’m alive

I’m living

I feel it

as it’s happening


Happy Full Moon

the Moon this morning. . . .


The Full Moon woke me this morning. . .shining directly through my window. . .up and out to relish her magnificence.  Setting in the West, her big golden white ball. .. ready to make its descent.. . .below the horizon.  In the East, Venus, gorgeous as ever. . .Jupiter sitting with Aldebaran. . .last minutes of darkness before the Sun shnes his brilliance.

I sat with the Full Moon last night beside a crackling warm fire. . .the air thick with magick.  It was Imbolc, an Ancient Celtic festival. . .heralding the arrival of Spring. . .and honouring Brighid.  It’s the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  The old communities more in tune with the Land, the Sun and the Moon. . .and their cycles. . .celebrated and gave thanks for all that was given.  We’ve lost touch with this Energy. . .as we’ve removed ourself more and more from the natural world and her very real magick.

Everything is Energy. . .energy can be felt, seen and experienced.  The energy last night. . .  just as the Sun was beginning to set and with the Full Moon already in the sky. . . was thick and palpable.  I was tired after two days in the garden, first for a while. . .what with all that heavy energy in July. . .just wanted to stay snuggled in the house. . .as if I was escaping it there!!  I was collecting wood to start the fire in the house. . .I stopped for a minute to watch the incredible beauty happening around me. . .and that was it. . .I connected to the energy. . . it was strong and penetrating.

I felt a natural pull to the energy that was occurring. . .Imbolc is known as a time of letting go. . .and making new intentions.  Still with my garden gloves on. . .I collected the bits and pieces needed for my little ritual.  I’ve found that ritual is a great way to create strong and direct focus.  I wasn’t expecting to do this. . .but the feeling was too strong to ignore.

As the Sun melted below the two sacred mountains. . . that watch over and protect me day after day. . . .and the Full Moon simply radiated the most incredible energy. . . I lit my candle and held my beautiful staff. . . .I sat and absorbed the energy that was being given.  I let go of all the things that I no longer needed. . .and intended the things that I wish to sprout with the powerful Spring energy.

I had visions, I received messages. . I saw beyond the physical. . .I felt the magick that was happening all around me.  I felt incredible grateful for the experience.

You see, I don’t expect these things. . .I’m pretty practical on one level. . .yes I see beauty all around. . .but I don’t live in a fantasy world. . .my feet are firmly on the ground. . .my hands mostly in the soil.  But it’s this ‘feeling’ sense I have, that reveals all kinds of things to me. . .and sometimes I ‘see’ things. . .that some might say aren’t there. . .I’ve just learnt to accept things I cannot explain. . .it’s easier that way.  And I guess just be careful who I say what to. . .best not tell the Doctor that I hear voices and see things. . .that may not be in my best interest!!

Well, anyway. . .so.o.o.o nice August is here. . . I feel myself again. . .July was a real doozy. . .don’t know if you felt it. . .it was so heavy and boy, so thick with. . . .hard to explain, but it felt like everything was being reconstructed, on so many levles. . .almost like I was on the operating table.  But now, thank god. . .the energy has subsided. . .back in the garden. . .back to writing.

There’s so much more than we see with our eyes. . .so much more happening below the surface of things. . .it’s both a blessing and a challenge, at times. to feel and see these things. . . but we were all made perfectly. . .so just have to get on with being me. . . each one of us perfectly made to contribute to the whole.

So lets all celebrate. . .we’ve been through a huge amount of ‘stuff’. . . whether you felt it or not. . .it did occur. . .and what a perfect time to celebrate. . . a Full Moon in Aquarius. . .it has some really lovely energy.  Whooo. . .so good to be back. . .albietly reconstructed.

this was Venus this morning. . . .


oodles of love

magick, love and healing