creating new pathways

‘road less travelled’

Life often awes me. . .with its incredible intelligence.

Us humans often congratulate ourselves for our cleverness. . .able to create and discover things.  But Life. . .boy oh boy. . . an intelligence that’s simply awesome!

The impact of the first of the current Pluto and Uranus squares. . .(that means coming together at a 90 degree angle in Astro language, which is an aspect of Challenge). . . .yesterday, was . . .well, strong!  I observed heightened reactions all around. . .the energy was certainly intense.  For some, obviously it was very conscious. . .for others maybe a little below the surface, but Pluto goes very, very deep. . . anything lingering there that needs to be ousted, will certainly be triggered.  And with Uranus. . .poof, things appear out of nowhere, sudden and immediate. . .buried stuff manifesting.

When I realized what was happening, I had a really good belly laugh. . . you see all us humans are in the same boat. . .none are better off than others.  We get these ideas, at times, that others may be more ‘together’, drop that, it’s simply not true. . . we’re all made of the same stuff, we all project and we all see the world. . .as we perceive it.

For myself I could feel anger and fear, my god where did these come from. . .quite unexpected these feeling were, especially in the circumstances.  My wiser self thought best to wait until I felt a little clearer. . .before doing anything hasty. . . .I’m eternally grateful to the wiser me.

Old memories were being activated, brought right up to the surface. . quite a surprise it was . . .thought these had long been reduced to manure. . . or did I?  We so easily fool ourselves, especially when we’re ‘smart’. .  often believing our own stories. . .we can tell ourselves anything we like.

We all carry our history, it’s the way we’re made.. . . in one way, that’s not a problem . . .as long as we’re conscious.  We all see the world thru our own unique focus and we all act from these perceptions. . .again, all of us are in the same predicament. . . consciousness the only answer.

But there is a place, I’ve felt it. . .it’s still and pure and untouched. . .it shines within my centre. . . and all it knows is Love.  The mind can come up with so many ‘reasons’, but the ‘truth’ will always be felt. . .we are super feeling machines. . .nothing escapes our radar.

A lot has been discussed and written about these current major happenings in the sky. . .Pluto and Uranus move very slowly, so when they come together. . .BIG changes are before us.  I guess we’ve all been witnessing these, they’ve been building for a while. . .2011 was the preview year. . .2012 the play now happening.  It seems that a lot of us have been going thru major shifts, so much changing around us. . .but thru it all. . .have you noticed. . . .super magick is happening.

 These last couple of months have seen a massive transit. . .worlds seemingly morphing, moving and shape shifting before our very eyes.  So many magickal moments. . .well, that’s what I call them. . . events and perceptions difficult to describe,  full of overwhelmingly, beautiful moments.  Now, I’m a pretty practical girl. . .”I’m an Earth sign Mama’ Donovan sang. . .I have my Sun and Moon in Earth signs. . .so I like my feet on the Earth.  But, thanks to the Gods I have an openess, to the wonder and magick all around. . .and believe me, it’s very, very real. . .it’s what the Universe is made of.

So my big gift from the Universe, came yesterday, only hours after the big event. . . (Pluto & Uranus). . . I saw that I could change myself. . .into a brand new me. . .I was very excited.  You see, I’d been wanting to make some changes. . .well, lets say for a while. . .I wanted to create more structure in my life. . .change a few habits.  In the past it just never happened, never even came close. . . BUT now I’d discovered the secret. . .it was all about my FOCUS.  I didn’t really approach it like that. . .I just SAW myself as a new person, it was amazingly exciting. . .I could see that with changing my routines, I would create an entirely new environment. . .I would be a different person. . .Now ain’t that pure, unadulterated MAGICK!

It was like there was very little effort, once I’d SEEN myself in a different place. . . .so today a brand new day. . .with a brand new Marilyn. . . .and boy oh boy. . . is that just simply amazing. . . you see MAGICK DOES HAPPEN.

PS. . .Saturn goes direct today. . .how’s that for synchronicity. . . Saturn is all about Form and Structure. . .as my dear Dad used to tell me OFTEN. . . ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence”.  We are so.o.o.o much more powerful. . . than we realize.

Magick is happening

lotsa luv


Moontime. . . .


We are now in Cancer’s month. . . .Moontime. . .. mother, home, base, roots and family.  With the Sun now shining his brilliance in this area of our constellation. . .where in your personal chart (Astrological Natal Chart) will this illumination occur.

For me it’s in my 2nd house. . . the house of Values and Resources.  A kind and loving reminder. . . .as the Moon is apt to provide. . . . that the only way to walk the path of abundance and fulfillment. . . .is when I truly love myself, unconditionally.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit of late. . . .with New Moon time and the Solstice.  I asked myself what I wanted to ‘grow’, what I wanted to get bigger and bigger. . . .as the path of the Sun increases our time of light and illumination.  ‘What do you want to shine, what do you want to expand’ I asked myself again.  ‘My Wellbeing, my abundant health, my strength, my receiving, recognition of my skills’ etc, etc. . ..  .which all starts with Me. . . .I’m the only one who can do that.

So for me my Values and Resources will be highlighted this month. . . .have a look where your focus will be drawn during this time.


I care for myself as I would a very small child. . .  connecting to my Inner Child, a special time of loving, nurturing and mothering.  “the child still alive in me, a part of all time”. . . .a time for connecting to her. . . . loving and nurturing.  Putting salve on the wounds, bandages on the cuts. . .holding her close, telling her she’s the most important person in my life.

Tell her how precious she is

how alive. . .how much fun

tell her, her beauty

is as radiant as the Sun

tell her you miss her

you long to spend time

just being together

playing and having fun

Time is a funny thing

it appears to be linear

but I get the sense

there’s no walls dividing

all existing together

over-lapping, co-existing

the past, the future

the forever, the present

Like an Angel with wings

we just glide thru the space

where a wall should be

but really it’s not

I’ll use my wings

to travel and see

all is one

and one is all

So this Magick Month

of the Goddess’s Hearth

the home, the Mother

the protection of the child

each time comes perfectly

to attend to all

this month your Inner Child

awaits your focus

Be warm, be loved

be with your family

the Light is now growing

give focus to those

that nurture your soul

A Magick World

we truly inhabit

Magickal Moon Blessings

dear Brothers & Sisters

Moontime Blessings


a powerful portal. . .

‘the sky before sunset yesterday. . . .awesome’

I sense we’re moving thru an incredibly powerful portal of energy. . . .at present.  To me it feels so light. . .and loving.  As if the Gods have heard our call. . .down they come. . . .and just bless us and bless us and bless us.  “You’re never alone” they say “we are with you, every step of the way”. . .”and we love you, more than you will ever, ever know”.

Who knows what’s what. . in the invisible world. . .but I do know that it can be felt.

Yes we have Eclipses and Venus Transits and just so much going on. . .within our world community. . . .but here and now, being with myself. . .I feel and see the most magickal blessings.  I reckon something really big is happening.  And it feels very good.

As I’m in journal opening mode at present. . .writing is in progress. . .yippee. . . .I’ll finish here with a poem from the early ’90’s.

It’s called. . . .A Special Journey

Life is a journey

to where

I do not know

but along the road

as I walk

I feel

and see

and learn

I love to learn

to understand

a little

more and more

to appreciate

this wondrous life

it’s existence

I am sure

To look outside

and see creation

a beauty unsurpassed

but then within

another land

so real

and still

and wonderous

To look behind

to see within

to know the beauty

that exists

to see the love

to feel the care

to know the protection

that is there


enjoy every second

love, magick and healing









Living in Dreamtime. . .


Living in Dreamtime. . .what does that mean?  Well, I thought. . . it’s Aboriginal knowledge. . . their connection to the Land.  But it’s real, it exists. . .and being here, I’ve got to know it. . . It creeps further and further. . .into my living.

Everything has its own vibration. . .its own speed. . .the physical and mental for example,  the physical vibrates at a much slower rate than the mental. . .that’s why often when disharmony has manifested in the physical, it takes much longer to correct.  Whereas the Mental field is fast, fast, fast. . . .why our bodies have trouble keeping up with our minds. . . they vibrate differently.

Earth vibration is much slower. . .it’s like another reality. . .it has its own way of operating. . and knows what it’s doing.  There’s no need to rush. . .’cause there’s nowhere to go. . .all exists here and now. . .awaiting my discovery.  I call it Magick. . .’cause it’s magick to me. . . .there are layers upon layers. . of energy. . .so much to experience.  Life is perfect. . .it was created that way. . .my long-awaited wisdom, come now in my senior years. . . is that, it works magickally. . .when I let go.

I don’t think those words were in my vocabulary. . .”where there’s a will, there’s a way”, was a much more familiar mantra. . .really, it’s a miracle I’m still alive.  Having a body that was struck down by a very nasty virus, left it weaker than ‘normal’. . . so what did I do. . . push it and push it and push it.

I guess I had to learn to Love myself. . .it’s been a long and sometimes challenging journey. . .but no regrets, I’m here right now. . .and I feel amazingly blessed and loved and protected.  Yes, Life is a journey, to where we do not know. . . .but we get to experience it. . .and along the way discover our wisdom.  The creation of ALL is a masterpiece, unique and standing apart. . .but we get to experience it. . .each and every second.

It takes a lot of surrender. . . and believing in yourself. . .a lot of love, a lot of trust and a lot of gentleness. . . .sometimes these are hard learnt discoveries.  But what I do know is Life is a gift. . .a gift beyond comparison. . .and I get to experience it now. . .who knows what will happen tomorrow.

So now I’m living in Dreamtime. . . .I really, really like it. . .who would have known. .. .what existed behind the veil. . .well I guess you need to discover that for yourself. . . .Life is Pure Magick. . . . .


lotsa luv

healing, love and magick


Healing is a process

my well used resting lounge’

Wondering. . . only very occasionally. . .if I sound like I’m trying to convince myself, or off with the Faeries. . . .well no. . . .I’m really experiencing it.

It hasn’t always been like this. . . .I’ve travelled to the depths. . . Hade, my constant companion for a while.   Everything had to crash, before it could be reborn.  The Magick I experience, I see, I write about. . .is real.  I could never have imagined seeing what I see. . .or feeling what I feel.  I see it as the most amazing gift.  Or a place that was accessible only after all the hard work. .. all the initiations.  Is hard work necessary. . . I don’t know. . . but I know that I’ve put in many hours, many days, many months, many years. . . .and now I’m here.  I don’t have to pinch  myself. . .’cause it’s as real as real. . . wherever I look, Love and  beauty is.

I’ve touch on my early years, in one of my posts here. . . my journey began at 3 yrs old. . .well actually earlier really, as the Virus was the result of something. . . it wasn’t accidental.  All things happen in response to something else. . .everything is connected, especially our mind and our body.  Yes, there were many years where I descended to the depths. . .not understanding what I needed to learn. . .my path hasn’t been easy.

But I stand here now. . .in such a brilliant place. . .it’s as if who I really am. . .is now manifesting.  I’ve been told before, by others, that I carry many gifts, brought over from my Ancestors. . .but I need to experience something to really believe.  I’m not cynical, although I thought I may be when I was younger. . .I’m just very cautious. . .I don’t believe things easily. . .I have to know them,  within my being.  Yes, maybe it’s the hard way. . .a lot easier to just believe. . .but that’s how I was created, so that’s how it’s been.

My ‘experiences’ began very early. . .and they continued and continued. . .wondering at times, what on earth was wrong with me.  “Why can’t I be just like others” I’d think to myself. . . well, I think the answer to this is obvious, I’m not!  We all are unique,  in our very essence. . .brilliant creations, every single one of us.  So if we don’t shine our brilliance. . .what an incredible loss. . .the whole creation process blows my mind. . .so brilliant, the most incredible brilliance used in creating all.

Now I get to be an observer. . . .and I guess things needed to happen, so that could occur. . . .yes my dear Body. . .my constant companion.  With an over-energised mental body, a weakened physical body and a Healer nature. . . there’ve been a lot of lessons. . . .let go, slow down. . . .see the magick.

So yes I’ve slowed down. . and yes I’ve let go, not without some tiny grumbles at times. . . .and what has happened has blown me away.  I now live in Magick. . .and the most Divine Creation. . . .I see Love, I smell Love. . . I feel it all around me. . . .yes Healing is Happening. . . .and Healing has happened.  So I know it can. . . .you just need to want it.


love. light, magick and healing


I love life

‘arriving home’

I love life

I love living

I love all

that surrounds me

I love this



her blessings


I adore my gifts

I adore my blessings

I relish

my breath

it just keeps

on coming

I know it will


that was the deal

so I celebrate

this life


I have it

I sing

I dance

I love

more and more

I bow

my head

to all

that gives

my cells


with life

they radiate


the greatest







thank you


giving and receiving

                      ‘Nature always giving’

Just started thinking about ‘giving’. . . .what is giving?  What do I give and what is worth receiving?  I was given Life, I was given parents, I was given a home, I was given an education.  I was given encouragement, I was given hope, I was given support, I was given an environment to flourish in.  These were all given. . . .and were received by me. . . .thus giving and receiving are mutually receptive.

I read and hear. . .that it’s good to give. . .. what do I have that’s worthy of receiving.  We live in a world with so much activity, giving and receiving have become Big Business.  But what is really worthy of receiving?  We live in a market place. . .of global dimensions. . .giving and receiving crossing many borders. . . .many people involved in this activity.

If we shave it all down. . .what do we need. . .food in our belly, water to hydrate. . .adequate clothing to keep us warm. . . some kind of shelter to protect us from the elements.  We need love, we need kindness, we need care and warmth. . . we need understanding and forgiveness. . .we need to feel good about ourself. . . .we need to feel at peace within. . . .we need to feel love in our heart.

So where do we go, who is giving all these things. . . .yes the physical needs, Big Business takes control. . . .but what about the other, where do we go. . . .I believe, we need to look within.  Yes, it’s nice to get it from others, but that hole will never be filled. . .by another’s love and kindness. . . .we need our own.  In built. . .within us. . . .is the most amazing treasure. . . .riches and gold. . .could never ever compare.  We were created with kindness, we were created with love. . .we are made of these ingredients. . .we carry them around at all times.

So what do I have that is worthy of receiving. . . .well I can’t give you love. . .or really, even kindness. . . .oh yes I can try. . .but I might get in the way. . . .the treasure you seek. . . lies deep within your soul.  When we access this treasure. . .buried deeply within. . . .love and kindness just come naturally. . . .they don’t need to be beckoned.

I can’t really give you wisdom. . .I can cradle my own. . .it gives me much pleasure. . .to understand and to know. . .but I can’t give it to you. . . you carry your own.  I can give you token gifts. . . .but really what are they worth. . . .will they touch that hunger you have inside. . . .I don’t think so.

Now look. . . .I’m a Virgo. . . kindness and care are second nature. . .and ‘how can I serve’ a familar mantra. . .but I also understand, my giving is so tiny. . . compared to the giving that is constantly happening.  Yes, it sometimes confuses me. . . .especially in the ‘Market Place’. . . .what do I have that really has value.  I’ve learnt a lot about value over these last 12 months. . . .been big learning times haven’t they, for us all. . . .but they’re trying to direct us. . . .to where we’ll really find the treasure. . . .And with the latest amazing Venus eclipse. . . .’Value’ vibrations were powerfully present. . .everything is energy, just ‘cos we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

One of the amazing gifts. . .my Ancestors blessed me. . . .was a powerful sensitivity to unmanifest energy. . . .it’s an incredible gift.. . . .and at times it has its challenges. . . .but I’m super grateful for all that they’ve given me.  So during that amazing transit of Venus to our Sun. . . .the energy was powerful, present and alive.  It changed my life. . .it changed my deep sense of value. . . .well, yes, everything is a process. . . .and this one was ripe for flowering.

So Life is giving. . . .without interruption. .  .it gives and it gives. . . .and never stops giving.  We live in a paradise. . .called Earth, a planet especially chosen. .  for us to inhabit.  Nature’s giving is awesome to witness.  The air is giving and so is the water. . . .the space we exist in. . . .gives support for our body.  And then the body. . .it keeps giving and giving. . . keeping us alive, so we can pursue our purpose.

In light of all of this. . . .my giving is puny. . . .and yes, at the same time. . .I’m a part of the one energy field. . . .that is Life in this universe.

So maybe it’s my Pisces Midheaven. . . .or  my ‘purist’ Virgo Sun. . . .or my Gemini Ascendant that thinks too much. . . .or my Capricorn Moon knowing that Time controls all. . . . .or maybe just because I’m a Human Being. . . .who is being given to by Life. . . . .what is giving. . . .and what is receiving.


get in touch with the invisible. . .. on this gorgeous Pisces Moon weekend

much love


Venus Magick in real time. . .

‘Rays of Venus beam down thru the Sun’

It’s 8.25am. . . .it’s just beginning, the day. . . .today is perfect. .. all the black clouds gone, not even a whisper of wind. . .. and the sky. . . .

the softest, gentlest, gorgeous blue.

The Sun radiating warmth and love, . . . what a contrast, to the last few days. . . .all the yuckies blown away.

It’s incredibly still and quiet. . . .all speaking in hushed voices. . . .all aware, of what is happening. . . you can just FEEL it.

A solitary bird grabs a worm. . . .a crow broadcasts the welcoming trumpet. . . .letting all know, it’s about to begin . . .but the rest

an amazing silence.

It’s one of those times, it’s easy to see. . . .that all is one . . . all is connected. . . there’s no doubt in my mind, all await her.

A silent reverence, most obvious.

The occasional one excited to a peak. . . cannot contain his joy. . . his throaty, musical notes float thru the air.

Excitement is building, it’s obvious. . . you can feel it. . . but most are happy to sit in silence.

The Goddess . . . .soon making an appearance.

You can feel it in the air the presence building. . . .who needs telescopes when you get to witness. . . .everything is visible,

everything can be experienced.

All is one and one is all, we are all a part of this incredible majesty.

Such a strength of gentleness fills the air,  feel it. . . .moving thru my skin.   It directs itself to my heart centre . . . .

Venus is showering her almighty Love. . . on me.

Venus’s Love is showering the Earth,  a rare and oh so precious experience. . . I can feel her love, I can feel her sweetness, I can feel her joy

I can feel her gentleness. . . . She is the Goddess of Love. . . .there is no doubt here.  . . .the air is now filled

with her presence.

I feel her energy around my heart and throat. . .her energy is penetrating, doing its healing.  Love is the greatest healing force there is. . . there is none that exist that is any stronger.

Hard to find words to describe what’s happening. . . it’s real, it’s full. . . .Venus is with us.

I can hear her sweet voice, spreading love to the world. . . .love the only answer. . .her beauty sublime.  The beauty of Love no greater beauty exists. . . .in all of creation.

So I sit in this time. . . .so still. . .all is quiet. . .except the occasional excited chatter. . . .but most in awe of the Goddess’s presence. . . .and soaking up her precious energy.

I sit here seeing. . .we are all one. . . the birds, the bees, the insects and the rocks. . . .the trees, the soil and the water. . . .all standing still and absorbing the energy.

We all feel, we all experience. . .we all absorb the energy around us. . .I feel my heart muscles loosen, my throat relaxing. . .my  head space beaming with all the Love Light. . . .all are in process. . . .by the most Divine Love Healing.

This is an occaision beyond debate. . . .this is now really happening.

She’s showering all her Love upon us. . . I close my eyes, I feel my body. . .it’s ringing, it’s zinging with energy.  I can feel it moving further and further down into every cell space.  By this time I’ve taken off all my clothing and I’m having a Venus bath. . .and it feels incredible. . . . I live on a large property, so have lots of privacy. . .which is fantastic. . .and oh so freeing.  I feel it penetrate my skin and move thru my body. . .doing it’s healing work. . . .Love makes us surrender.

She’s here to remind us. . .at this most critical stage. . .that what our heart really sings for. . .it sings for Love, it sings for Beauty. . .it sings to luxuriate. . .in oneness.  She’s here to remind us, that we carry all these things. . .within us. . . .we only need to turn. . . .and face her.

So off with my clothes. . .stretched out on the sun bed. . . .I want Venus energy all over my skin. . . .I feel her healing, I feel her Love. . .on every pore of my skin’s covering.  I feel her gently pass thru this boundary. . .permission given of course.  I feel her travel thru every which means. . .. to locate every bit of surface within my physical anatomy.

Love is healing. . .I’ve always known. . . .I used to have it written on my A-frame at my front door. . .but here I am experiencing it directly. . . .it really doesn’t get anymore direct than this.

This is an amazing gift. . .an incredible blessing. . . this is real healing. . . .dearest Earthlings miracles are happening.  our job to be aware. . .of what we give our precious attention. . .all we need is here and now. . . in what direction am I facing.

Basking in her rays. . . .I focus on my Sacrum. . .which has been getting my attention for a while now. . .. flashed back to when I was 2 yrs old. . . a Venus little girl I truly was. . . .but I twisted and turned to avoid the approach. . . .even energy from their eyes.  my Venus was blocked at such a tender age. . .I then took on my Mars. . . .early photos show this clearly.

Hiding away my Venus. . .was very obvious. . . .and those around me seemed to support this.

I have such a gift. . . .such a precious gift. . .my sensitivity to energy, my blessed, sacred connection to the Land. . . .and with my love of writing, I will express it. . .journey’s of sacred discovery.

So my Sacrum is connected to the loss of Venus. . .at such an early stage of my existence here.  And now she’s here to let me take back my power. . . my power of love, my power of beauty. . . my power of attraction.

Boundaries now strong, grown into a woman. . .now release from the shackles of others.

The stillness is amazing. . . .almost not a single sound. . .so engrossed in receiving, receiving. . . .everything is focused on Venus.  Yes a rare and precious moment, not because of the Astronomy. . .yes, we can see with our eyes. . .but are we also feeling it. . .’cause it’s happening here and now. . . in real-time.

And what a most amazing place to experience this ‘life energy’. . .than here at Mahalia.  A Sacred Ceremonial ground. . . .there is no doubt about the credentials,

The Venus experience. . . .one I’ll always remember. . .she entered me. . . .and changed my biology. . . .life is a miracle. . . .

oodles of love