dropping me off

 ‘ sunrise on a cold Autumn morning’   The 50’s were. . .as they were; coming out the other side of a world war and a depression. . .creating a new frontier.  The media portrayed the ‘Perfect’ scene, all was well on the home front.  The ‘Stepford Wives’ comes to mind. . .but in reality it… Continue reading dropping me off

My awesome Mum

‘my beautiful Mum’ We didn’t have a car. . .it was 1951. . .so public transport was how we got around.  We were living in Ultimo. . Harris St, there was a small Men’s Barber shop at the front with a residence behind.  We. . me, Mum & Dad were living with relatives and it… Continue reading My awesome Mum

My body and me

‘My Body and Me’ was going to be the  name of my first book. . .. still may be, wait and see.  The journey with my Body has been long and learning. . .she’s taken me places, I would not voluntarily have offered.  I love her, I do, she’s just been a hard task master. . . ‘learning… Continue reading My body and me

the story continues. . .

What a glorious morning. . .light beams everywhere. . .’saw’ them coming, aura’s so brilliant. I do have a gifted perception. . .doubting Thomas I called myself. . .but time to accept the many gifts I’ve been given. But how do I take these out to the world. . .be rewarded equally, what I’m worth.… Continue reading the story continues. . .

experiencing the happening

Light beams descending Boy. . . the build up is strong where do I feel it I feel it in my chest strong but gentle penetrating softy around my head forehead and occiput my eyes are squinting with the light so brilliant it’s a different kind of light can’t capture it with my camera strongest… Continue reading experiencing the happening

I can FEEL life all around me. . .what an exquisite feeling

a glorious misty morning Dreamy morning feeling snugly and protected glimpses of Adelaide is that where I’m headed It’s been quite a journey up here in Sacred Country everything exposed no space for hiding living amongst such extraordinary beauty Nature’s Magick is real and present there are many layers they go deep below the surface so… Continue reading I can FEEL life all around me. . .what an exquisite feeling